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Litigation of all types increasingly involves vast amounts of electronically stored information (“ESI”). Courts, in turn, frequently confront specialized technical and legal issues. To solve this problem, parties often agree to the appointment of a neutral third party to serve as a special master to facilitate, monitor, and adjudicate eDiscovery issues.

Reid Wittliff has both the technical and legal knowledge to serve as a court-appointed special master in cases involving complex eDiscovery issues or large amounts of ESI. In addition to practicing law, Reid is the President of R3 Digital Forensics, LLC (r3forensics.com), a digital forensics firm he founded in 2008. He has served in both state and federal courts as a special master. Reid is also a certified mediator with over 20 years litigation experience. His experience as a digital forensics expert, special master, and trial lawyer in the technology arena makes him particularly well-suited for mediations/arbitrations involving intellectual property, eDiscovery, and other technology-related matters.


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